Ruby/ASP v0.2.7 with Ruby 1.6.8

Example ASP Scripts


Configuration parameters that make Ruby/ASP tick.

The global.asa is the nervous system of an ASP application and is where you define your event handlers.

error.asp (source)
Shows a custom error message using the ErrorFile directive.

error.html (source)
Error file for the ErrorFile directive.

simple.asp (source)
Simple asp syntax shown by wrapping a for loop around html and inserting a value.

source.asp (source)
Handy source code viewer used to let you easily view the source of the other asp scripts.

cookie.asp (source)
Simple cookie example...

session.asp (source)
Shows use of the $Session object.

load.asp (source)
With Ruby/ASP you can require module and/or class from the global-asa directory.

transfer.asp (source)
$Server.transfer() use in action, for speedy redirect type behavior.

server_variables.asp (source)
$Response.serverVariables() are the equivalent of %ENV in ASP.

upload.asp (source)
File upload data sample.

xslt.asp (source)
XSLT transformation of XML data.

subsmatch.asp (source)
XMLSubsMatch XML Extensions demonstrated, which all custom tags to be created by the developer..

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